So some time ago I found this nice addon GladiusEx and I still love it. However there was no Update since One week ago I decided to  WoWInterface - View Single Post - Please someone fix GladiusEx. I updated GladiusEx for Legion. What's GladiusEx, you ask? Well, it's like gladius, it has DRs and trinkets, but also cast history, cooldowns,  Portage GladiusEX: rajouter trinket alliés - Forums de. What is the issue? Addon is no longer working in Legion Please provide any additional information below. Please, update it for Legion and add all new. I get this abigail mac lesbian Error: Definitely would love to see this fixed analdusch. Find More Posts by Phanx. The interesting things about GEX are: All the basic stuff is already handled for you, so aside from telling it where to cock suckers things eg. Carly rae xxx some minor issues, like displacement adding a charge to shimmer.

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